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Our Team.

Our therapists have been selected over a course of years.  We have diligently searched the Boise market for the most experienced therapists in town and have created a team of therapeutic massage therapist, ALL very skilled and ready to  use their natural intuitive talents to help you feel your best!

Dr. Nate Spangler, MS, DC

Barak Neves, LMT

Dr. Nate specializes in myofascial release, deep tissue therapies and soft tissue adhesions that lead to faulty movement patterns.  A typical session will include targeted myofascial release techniques, Graston Technique, cupping and joint mobilizations.  At the end of the session, self-care will be reviewed to learn self-myofascial release techniques, stretches and activation exercises for inhibited musculature.

Barak, originally from Portland Oregion, is a Trigger Point Therapist.  He uses release techniques and pressure points while adding movement to a massage.  Barak is direct in his approach and motivated to create a treatment plan for you to overcome musculoskeletal problems.

Spangler Head Shot_edited.jpg

Luke is well known in the cycling community and approaches his patients and clients each as individuals.  He has a caring personality and provides unique care that is specific to each individual.  He uses cupping, myofascial release techniques, deep tissue and effleurage to help heal soft tissues.

Bailey Evenson, ATC

Braden Shingleton, LMT


Braden has been a massage therapist since 2010.  He has focused his continuing education on myofascial release techniques and medically-based therapeutics.  He works closely with the chiropractic department at Trailhead Sports Clinic and is pivotal in helping improve our patient's range of motion.  After a session with Braden, you'll leave feeling invigorated and ready to live your active lifestyle.

Luke Coleman, LMT


Bailey is an athletic trainer who provides services to help our clients recover from injuries and strenuous workouts.  She is skilled in a variety of manual therapies, modalities and rehabilitation techniques.  She also provides recovery services using Normatec therapy which helps the body reduce inflammation and speed recovery for injuries and training. 

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